Boost Your terrace gardening with These 4 Easy Tips

terrace gardening

Hello, guys hope you are doing well. Welcome to the first part of the gardening series.

Doing over the past one and a half years of the through your mails, messages, and comments.

I have realized many of you are very enthusiastic about terrace gardening.

But don’t know how to start or where to start.

I have been listening to you so we are coming up with a step by step guide article on terrace gardening specially designed for beginners’ people.

Those who want to start terrace gardening but they don’t know how to go about it so, these blogs are going to be about the simple following steps.

  • Plants that you can grow on your own.
  • Vegetables that can be grown from the vegetables bought from the grocery.
  • Herbs can be grown either from cuttings or spices that you always have in your kitchen.

you don’t have to go anywhere to buy seeds, in fact, you don’t have to buy anything.

All that you need is some soil now soil is something you might need to buy if you can’t find some soil around you.

you can always get some soil from a garden nearby if you don’t have that you can buy it from a malli or a nursery or online.

Now for the pot if you don’t have one available you can always use an old bucket or a bounty old utensil.

They need to have a drainage hole down below.

you can always use something to make some drainage holes down below the pot.

Apart from that, you don’t need anything.

I’m going to walk you through the entire process of how you can grow some simple plants.

Trust me this whole experience of growing something like from seed to a big tree or a plant that bears fruit is very fulfilling.

The first time I grew something was when I was some like eight or nine years old and I still remember it was magical to see.

see those seeds sprout and then grow within like few months

terrace gardening gardenplan
terrace gardening

That’s amazing right like.

I don’t want that simple thing like inaccessibility to seeds or even laziness should stop you from terrace gardening.

This is something you must try and it’s very easy and I’m not saying for the sake of it trust me it’s not very difficult.

In these upcoming four parts of the steps by step guide is special.

Especially done in such a way that these plants you can grow on your own.

Like indoor plants you can grow some herbs that are very easy.

you can have them on your window side and then use them in your kitchen.

As well as some vegetables that it grows within like two-three months.

Plants you can grow from a kitchen/terrace Gardening

Today we are growing herbs from some spices from our kitchen. We will be learning step by step how we can use some ingredients from the kitchen to grow some herbs.

we will be growing some coriander (dhania) and fenugreek(methi).

STEP 1:- Get some dhania and methi seeds from supermarkets or Kirana shops. Do not buy seeds from the plant shop as the seeds are chemically treated so that they can grow fast. So, we are avoiding chemically treated seeds and instead, we are using dhania and methi that we use for cooking.

STEP 2:- Take some dhania and put it on tissue paper or newspaper and put some pressure on the dhania so that the outer cover of dhania is broken. To make it germinate we need to put some pressure on the dhania.

STEP 3:- Now take a 15-inch pot with soil having the organic matter in it. All we need to do is add the dhania into the soil. Cover the dhania about half an inch with the soil and add some water into it. Make sure that adding water does not cause the seeds to expose.

STEP 4:- Now take some fenugreek (methi)seeds and add them directly uniformly over the soil having the organic matter in a 15-inch pot.

STEP 5:- Pour some water on it. Do not expose the seeds.

STEP 6:- Place both the pots in partial sunlight. Partial sunlight means that the pot does not get direct sunlight during the noontime.

STEP 7:- After two weeks u can see the herbs growing out from the seeds

I am going to be very happy when you see the fruit coming out so stay tuned the followed blogs below.

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